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Creating an online community for Research Sandbox, in order to better facilitate the pharmaceutical market research area.

Research Sandbox is a unique, web-based platform that connects consumers and producers of healthcare market research. By facilitating the efficient sourcing and creation of market research solutions, Research Sandbox helps both research clients and research agencies become more productive. iMedia helped them to create an online community, to better facilitate the pharmaceutical market research area.

Research Sandbox is a company whose goal was to create an online community for the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industry that brought together buyers and sellers of market research, creating an engaging marketplace that fosters creativity, innovation and collaboration in pursuit of better quality market research for the industry.

Challenges along the way included extending the Kentico framework to support the business’s needs. This resulted in many custom tables to track the research requests and offerings, to track the views and ultimate success of each, to track and report on the connections made between buyer and seller of research.

iMedia created a seamless, compelling design that was easy to use, and pulled the information in the system through dashboards for each audience persona, the buyer and the seller of research. These dashboards and the overall site were designed for easy usability for an audience that required function and ease. By developing such a site, Research Sandbox was able to become a market maker. This allowed all sizes of pharma companies to solicit the market research efforts of research agencies, with the aim of shaking up the traditional market research model in pharma. Agencies now have a promotional channel through which they can offer both syndicated and custom research services. The system provides both types of users (clients and agencies) a customized portal where they can login, post, search and save their requests of offerings but more importantly it provides a connection mechanism unlocking the contact details of the parties for further communication. The system is positioned to open up the market, create more competition and provide a new marketplace that makes commissioning a market research initiative, easier, faster and ultimately more valuable for the buyer of research. For the seller, it serves as the first community where member organizations can gain access to research opportunities previously unknown or out of reach.

Since the launching of Research Sandbox in November 2013, the results are extremely positive. Research Sandbox is already in use, with the first subscribers now using the site to source research initiatives. The Research Sandbox site has already put research agencies in touch with Pharmaceutical companies and the site is poised to act as a major disrupter to the existing traditional non-digital, market research paradigm in the Pharmaceutical world.

Greg Chu President of Research Sandbox explains, “iMedia exceeded my expectations for the website both in terms of functionality and design. I wanted them to undertake a difficult balancing act between creating a clean, modern design while not departing too dramatically from the conservative culture of the healthcare industry. They managed this perfectly, and I have met with frequent praise for the look and feel of the website. I have also spent considerable hands-on time with the back-end of the website. I’ve found it to be easy-to-use and I’ve learned to do everything I need to do with little effort. The early success of Research Sandbox would not have been possible without the talent, dedication and professionalism of the design and development team at iMedia.”