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All Posts  /  Development Tips  /  November 27, 2012 

Inside Ektron 8.6 - Part 3: Into the Cloud

This article is the third part of our “deep dive” into the new Ektron 8.6 features.

One of the exciting new features of Ektron 8.6 is the ability to use their Cloud Manager to develop websites “in the cloud.” As iMedia investigated cloud computing in our July blog post, “To the Cloud,” surveys indicate that more and more CIOs are warming to the idea of cloud technology, feeling that, as CIO Magazine cited, “it helps deliver better systems for less money.”

The Ektron Cloud Manager is perfectly positioned to do just that. Used in conjunction with Ektron 8.6, it can quickly deploy new websites and marketing campaigns, utilizing the popular Microsoft, Amazon, and Rackspace cloud platforms. According to Ektron, this reduces the need to rely on “on-premise hardware or support from busy IT resources.” Ektron cites the Forester Report, “The Changing Cloud Agenda:”
Several years into the cloud journey now, companies are moving beyond the initial drivers for investments, which pertained to lower costs and greater operational efficiency. Companies are starting to see the broader benefits around business agility and speed, leading to investments in new cloud solutions that complement existing business processes.

CMS Wire explains how Ektron “is attempting to meet cloud users’ desire for maximum speed and flexibility,” designing Cloud Manager 8.6 “to enable faster solution deployment and provide enhanced scalability and flexibility.”

Ektron describes the key benefits of using the Ektron Cloud Manager as:
    • Wizard-based cloud provisioning, enabling authoring of site content in an on-premise environment and then deploying it to the cloud-based platform
    • Hybrid development, combining cloud instances with traditional Ektron on-premise installations, which is instrumental in safeguarding sensitive content locally while still benefiting from cloud delivery
    • Optimal performance, allowing developers and authors to deliver sites on an unlimited scale, establishing the optimal server environment and location for their needs
    • Cloud platforms, including Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon EC2
    • Ability to schedule the use of cloud instances, so that a site can be scaled when it most needs to
    • Ability to use the server capacity needed, particularly during traffic spikes, when the website can use additional cloud resources and thereby reduce performance issues
    • Maximum uptime for a company website

Ektron’s CEO William Rogers, in a blog post about the Ektron Cloud Manager, further specified that it “includes built-in network load balancing and fault tolerance. Businesses can distribute high-bandwidth content around the world through CDN (content delivery network) delivery. By coupling a website managed by the Ektron CMS with cloud computing, you have a very powerful alternative to traditional hosting models.”

CMS Wire concludes that, with its rich feature set, the Ektron Cloud Manager is “targeting cloud computing users who are seeking to transform their organizations and create new revenues, rather than cloud computing users who simply want a cheaper way to store more data.”
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