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2013 iMedia Technology Predictions

Congratulations to Judy L., Geri B., and Eric D., winners of the iMedia 2013 Technology Predictions! We’ll be sending each of them their own adorable stress wobbler to help them work out the stress of the upcoming year as technology changes at light-speed!

It was Geri B.’s prediction that video content would continue to grow that inspired us to put everyone’s predictions into the following animated video:

Here are the predictions themselves from all of our participants:

Michelle C: There will be increased focus on tablet GUI as more users recognize that consolidated usability standards are not yet in place.

Geri B: Video content will continue to grow and Apple stock will soar in 2013!

Lauren C: Mobile transactions in-store will continue to increase. I’ve seen coupon scanning via smartphones and I use my smartphone to make purchases at Starbucks through their app. I think secure ways to “store” credit cards in your smartphone and use them at brick and mortar locations will become the new norm.

Judith L: eReaders like Nook and Kindle will fall away while tablets absorb their viability as access points for multiple media sources.

Brian M: We’ll see marketers implement many new products that leverage aggregate, social data to deliver content and offerings to targeted slices of their audience.

Nicole M: I hope that there with be a machine created that will be able to take care of your pet while you are not home.

Chuck T: Google will encourage more mobile use of its services and products by starting to roll out free, ad supported public WiFi hotspots.

Eric D: Customer interaction with in-store locations. As more public areas get WiFi and more mobile devices add location services, I think more companies will begin offering rewards for checking into locations via Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, etc…

John S: More and more companies will be leveraging Responsive Web Design on their sites to keep up with the increase of various screen sizes and devices.

Syed M: Microsoft will bring back the classic start button/view in Windows 9.

Jagdish N: Android will come up with an OS to read your mind (an advanced version of Google Now). Google will add realistic feature to Google Goggles which will replace your cell phone.

Who will be right and who will be wrong? We’ll let you know at the end of 2013!

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