September 4, 2014 Inside iMedia

A Note From iBrowse

By: Jessica Lago
iMedia-ibrowse-introblog.jpgHello there! My name is iBrowse! As you might have seen from our social channels, I am the adventurous iMedia mascot.

Wondering how I landed such an awesome job? Here’s how:

I was born with these crazy defined eyebrows and I love to BROWSE the Internet, which is how I got my nickname. I enjoy keeping up with the latest tech trends, social media sites, and mobile apps.

After spending many years learning about branding, coding, and other digital strategies, I met the folks at iMedia and joined their team to bring awareness to iMedia’s key services.

My typical role as the iMedia mascot consists of attending various conferences and tradeshows with the team. I give event goers something to remember iMedia by long after the event is complete. As for my in-office duties, I’ve been told that I am incredibly helpful at relieving the iMedia team’s stress level during a project’s crunch time.

However, I'm not as much of a tech nerd as you might think. As a resident of the great state of New Jersey, I love to spend my weekends doing various activities around the area. You may spot me in Hoboken for brunch along the Hudson River, or—during the summer—down the shore relaxing at the beach. I even ran up the Empire State Building this past year. Crazy right?
sarahjpg.jpg                        ibrowse nyc.jpg
Anyway, I hear my name being called… one of our designers is stressing on which font style to use! I’ve got to go, but I hope to meet you across my many travels! To keep up with me, follow my personal board on Pinterest, “Where in the World is iBrowse” and the iMedia Facebook page.