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You may have noticed that when setting up email notification templates in Kentico you are limited to a basic toolbar, significantly limiting the styles you can add to the template. In this post I provide a quick tip on how to get the full toolbar so you can add more style to your notification emails. This is very useful when you want to include a custom header and footer when sending emails to users that have subscribed to content notifications.... Read More
Kentico’s reporting application is a powerful tool that provides visualization of data on website visits, user registration, document activity, and more. A report can easily be created for any data that can be queried from your Kentico or other external database, including custom table data. The reports can be saved, subscribed to, displayed on your site, and exported as Excel, CSV, or XML. In this post I will describe how to generate custom reports and use the many reporting features.... Read More
UX Best Practices

Everyone Scrolls

The evidence shows that scrolling is just as natural as clicking. Should important information be at the top? Yes. Should all the information be at the top? No. A few years ago designers and marketing analysts would say “everything must be above the fold.” However due to smartphones, never-ending social media newsfeeds, and web strategies such as parallax and infinite scrolling- this is no longer the case. Users have become accustomed to scrolling. As one of the more controversial UX... Read More
UX Best Practices

White space is NOT dead space.

The practice has often been to cram as much information as possible within a single screen in the fear that a user might miss something important. In reality, this results in a user ignoring much of what you have to say. Consistent with the theme of our blog series, FastCoDesign explains “the power of white space comes from the limits of human attention and memory.”  White space plays a huge role in the visual design and clarity of a brand’s website.  Some of... Read More
We are half way through our How to Capture and Keep a Human Goldfish’s Attention series. And, it’s time we talk about importance of visuals. As we discussed in our previous post, people don’t read anymore (at first). On average, users only read 28% of words per visit. So what can we do to hold their attention? Imagery. Photos, illustrations and icons not only draw attention but also increase user comprehension. The best examples of this comes in the form... Read More
Development Tips

Tutorial on Kentico Macros

Kentico has a plethora of features available to make creating and editing sites easier and faster. In this post I will review the macro autocomplete feature, a shortcut for inserting macros into fields & text areas, and the various places you can use macros. In editable text areas on the Page view tab you can view a list of macro options by clicking on the insert macro icon {#}. This will open the Insert Macro dialog which shows a tree... Read More
Working with JavaScript carousel sliders like Owl Carousel in Kentico may be challenging depending on how you are attempting to implement it. One less desirable way might be to add the content into editable text regions in the Edit mode of the Pages application. While this may be preferable to Editors since they are able to directly add their content in each box, it could also cause the content to clone and append to the editable region multiple times (separated... Read More
As video streaming has become part of the social norm, it is only natural that a new kind of technology quickly branches off of it. That is exactly what the latest app, Periscope has done. This app has already made big waves this summer for its ability to create a live streaming experience, straight from your smartphone. Launched by Twitter in early 2015, Periscope’s unique concept has the potential to change how many people and brands use social media. Their... Read More
When I meet current and prospective clients, one of the first questions I am asked is “what is your favorite Content Management tool?” As a certified developer in several of the platforms we here at iMedia implement, this is sort of like picking your favorite child… which usually leads me to say “I like them all!” While this is true, I feel each platform really does have its own strengths and weaknesses based on the architecture, design, and usability of... Read More
Are you still contemplating on whether or not it is profitable to make your website mobile friendly? Studies show Americans now spend 60% of their digital media time on mobile. If this statistic does not persuade you to make the change, Google’s plan to give higher preference to mobile friendly sites should get you thinking. Last month Google announced: “Starting April 21st, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches... Read More