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Email vs. Social Media- What gets your attention?

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Over the past few years this has been a growing debate, ever since social media became an increasingly popular way of marketing. When putting both marketing tactics together, you can certainly expect a huge level of success. However, when isolating each method- which one are consumers more likely to react to? We have developed a list outlining the pros and cons for each:

Social Media

  • Multiple social sites to promote message on
  • 69% of Facebook and Twitter users check their pages multiple times a day
  • Short message with visuals to entice consumers
  • Social Media users continue to grow at impressive rates
  • Followers can share, like, or comment which will broaden the post’s reach
  • Social apps are optimized for Mobile

  • Your target audience has not adopted social media
  • Your customers are not following you
  • Users may be distracted by other posts and ads
  • Not as transactional as email 


  • More private than a social post
  • Consumers are more frequently checking their emails due to the use of smartphones
  • Professional way to connect with clients
  • Less opportunities to click somewhere else when reading an email
  • Bounced emails or considered spam and sent to Junk folder
  • People are less likely to fully read long emails
  • May open the email but do not click on the link
  • Some emails are not optimized for mobile and tablet viewing which can lower open and click-through rates

If your company is looking to build engagement, our research has ultimately found that social media is the most effective way to achieve a high response rate and generate traffic to your site. An email can come off as spam and immediately deleted. Whereas, when posting something on a social network site, a company is aware of the fact that anyone who follows them and sees their posts are interested in their brand.

Utilizing the social media approach is a great way to build real-time connections with your followers. It successfully facilitates the transition from brand recognition to conversions on your company’s site. We have found it to be the most advantageous way of gaining consumer response and growing site interaction.

Share with us below, what strategy works best for you or if you are more likely to respond to social media or email! 
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