June 30, 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Is the latest Google feature a little too much like Big Brother?

By: Jessica Lago
Google has recently announced that it has launched an extension to their “My Account” dashboard, called the “My Activity” page.

The My Activity page compiles an overview of everything you have ever done while on Google.  It is searchable and can even be filtered by date and product. Some of the popular Google features that are monitored are:  
  • Chrome browsing history
  • Search queries on Google
  • Image searches
  • Videos you've watched on YouTube
  • Google Now cards you've seen
The page shows a full index of pages visited, things searched and other activity, grouped by time. My Activity monitors not only your desktop online activities, but your mobile behaviors as well. 
While some might view this as simply an improvement on Chrome’s history, others are feeling a bit uneasy by the lack of privacy. Should you prefer to provide Google with less information about your behaviors online, here’s what you can do.

Within Google’s Activity Controls page, you are able to tweak the settings and pause Google from collecting data based on your web activity, location history, voice and audio activity, devices you use and your YouTube history. 
How do you feel about Google storing all your online habits? Do you think My Activity enhances your experience online, or is it starting to look eerily similar to the George Orwell classic 1984’s Big Brother? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.