July 15, 2016 Development Tips

How to set up content personalization in Kentico

By: Laura Frese
In one of my previous posts, How Kentico Can Increase Your Bottom Line: Content Personalization, I discussed the benefits of using the Kentico EMS content personalization feature. In this post I will walk you through setting up content personalization on your site.

Our digital marketing expert Jessica Lago detailed some of iMedia's favorite Kentico EMS marketing features in a previous post. One of my favorite features is content personalization. It allows you to provide your clients with what they want to see when they visit your site. Setting up content personalization for your Kentico EMS site is easy, I will show you how.
Kentico EMS
Personalization can be added to web parts zones, web parts, and widgets. In this example I will walk you through adding personalization to a web part based on a users activity.

First, go to Settings > On-line marketing and select Enable content personalization.
Enable Content Personalization

Next you need to create your personalization variants for the web part. Go to the page that has the web part you want to personalize and click the Design tab. Click the hamburger menu icon on the web part and hover over Personalization variants, click Add web part variant. 
Add web part variant
Enter a display name and click Edit next to the Display condition. A macro condition box will appear & will help you to enter and edit the personalization conditions.
Personalization variant rules
In the above example, we want to show the user this personalization variant if they:
  • clicked a link to our site from another site that has the word Kentico in the URL
  • came to our site after searching for the word Kentico
  • clicked a link that we added to another site where the query string parameter cms equals Kentico (this also will give you an easy way to test your variant).
There are many other available rules so take the time to browse through them to see what is available. You can also create custom macro rules.

Once you save and close the personalization variant, the web part properties will appear. This allows you to set different configurations in the web part for each variant. 

Congratulations, you are now a Kentico content personalization expert! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to fill out the form below.