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iMedia Partners with SellerActive

As iMedia continues to expand our ecommerce services, we look forward to our growing partnership with SellerActive. SellerActive is a powerful multichannel listing management technology for e-commerce businesses. Its automated platform provides the digital tools and support needed to grow your business faster and easier, across numerous online channels.

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The SellerActive platform specializes in:

Use SellerActive’s many connectors to seamlessly integrate your online store with some of the top online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Ebay, and Etsy. The tool’s flexibility and all-in-one platform allows you to quickly add or update products across all your desired digital marketplaces.

Their robust repricing engine helps sellers on Amazon, eBay and Walmart not only capture more Buy Boxes, but maximize margins and gain better visibility into their competition. There are two types of repricing engines:

  • Algorithmic repricing allows SellerActive’s self-learning algorithms to discover and report on your competitors, taking out all manual, tedious work for you.

Rule based

  • The rule based repricing method gives users more control over the pricing methods, allowing you to tailor your pricing strategies to meet your specific needs.

Amazon and Walmart have both rule based or algorithmic repricing methods. SellerActive has one of the few repricing tools available for eBay, which is rule based.

Our favorite ecommerce platforms to integrate SellerActive with is BigCommerce. BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud ecommerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses. Clients of ours, such as Hisense and Sharp, have seen impressive increases in sales due to the integration between both tools.

Hisense website on computer

By integrating leading cloud-based eCommerce platform BigCommerce with multi-channel placement and repricing platform SellerActive, iMedia enabled Hisense to not only scale to the largest online retailers in the world, but also to meet the business needs of fulfilment in scale. This enabled Hisense to sell across a number of online stores such as Amazon and Walmart, while managing everything within BigCommerce.

Using the SellerActive platform, the team integrates all orders cleared through any channel – and through our software. Then that order flow is integrated into the logistics / warehouse software so that orders are picked, packed and sent back to SellerActive with tracking information. SellerActive then pushes that order update in turn to the originating channel.

For more information about how we partner with SellerActive and how our clients’ have achieved success, contact us today. If you are attending IRCE next week, iMedia will also be presenting in the SellerActive booth Wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm.