October 20, 2015 Development Tips

By: Laura Frese

Have you ever suffered the frustration of having to re-create an accidentally deleted transformation, custom query, or document? Kentico CMS has you covered!  A potentially overlooked Kentico gem, the recycle bin allows Kentico editors and developers to recover accidentally deleted objects and pages.

Instead of spending hours recreating what you have lost, it takes just seconds to open the recycle bin app and restore the deleted item. To determine if objects are being deleted to the recycle bin just go to:
Settings > Versioning & Synchronization > Object versioning & ensure that All objects are deleted to the recycle bin.


If you accidentally delete a page and need to recover it, just look in the Pages tab of the recycle bin application. If you did not check Destroy document and its history then it will be available for restoration from the recycle bin. When you open the recycle bin app, the current user is selected by default. To see objects deleted by all users, select (all) in the User drop down list.

Recycle Bin

Restoring an object or page is easy, just click on the restore icon () next to the object you want to recover. 

To learn more about Kentico’s recycle bin feature, visit the links below:
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