September 23, 2016 Development Tips

Extend the Kentico user fields

By: Laura Frese
Many Kentico CMS projects require some level of customization. Kentico makes it easy to customize many aspects of the CMS without having to touch a line of code. In this post I will show you how to add additional fields to the Users module so that you can customize the information associated with users as they are entered into the system.

For example, lets say you want to add Job Title to the information that is associated with a user. In order to do this go to Modules > Membership >  Classes > User > Fields

Click New Field & create your JobTitle field, then save it. 
Create a new field

If you go back and look at one of the users in the users application, you will see a new tab has appeared titled Custom Fields where you will find the new field(s) you added. 
Custom Field

If you want to make these fields available for the user to enter when they register or update their profile, you can access the user related alternative forms by going to Modules > Membership >  Classes > User > Alternative Forms. 

Here you can clone or update an existing form to contain the custom field(s) you added. 
User Alternative Form

Simple right?! It's just another example of how powerful and customizable Kentico is!