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On the surface, someone unfamiliar with designing emails might think it can be approached in the same manner as web design. They are both written with HTML and CSS so they should be the same, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Here are just a few of the major differences that exist between email and web HTML/CSS. 1. Standards   The main reason why email and web HTML need to be handled differently is because of the difference when it comes to standards (or the lack... Read More on the Subject
As 2021 approaches, you and your business should begin to create a list of goals for the new year. What do you hope to accomplish? What can you improve upon from the previous year? One very attainable and undervalued goal that every business should set for themselves is making their website is more accessible. What does “making a website more accessible” mean? Simply put – it is making sure everyone can interact with and obtain the same information from a... Read More on the Subject
The air has that sharp autumn crisp to it and the leaves are changing colors before they fall off the trees. As we inch closer and closer to the holiday season, it is imperative to follow best practices when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When potential customers are searching for products that your business offers, you want to ensure you are being seen just as much if not more than your competitors! Ranking high in search engines and... Read More on the Subject
As brands struggle to react to the COVID-19 pandemic, and all the challenges it presented, one thing is clear – direct to consumer ecommerce is skyrocketing.  We’re seeing the same trend with our clients, no matter the vertical, consumers are clearly looking to find new ways to get the goods they need without leaving the house. This trend will continue beyond COVID as the simple ease of online shopping becomes habit for items users previously bought in stores. Of course,... Read More on the Subject
Are you looking to get a head start on your holiday shopping this year? If so – Amazon’s renowned Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner! Running on October 13th and 14th, this is a 48-hour event in which Amazon offers unbeatable savings to its Prime members. If you are not currently a Prime member, it is not too late to sign up for a free-trial and see what all the buzz is about. Gaining access to Amazon’s Prime Day is only one of the... Read More on the Subject
As iMedia continues to expand our eCommerce partnerships, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Bold Commerce. Bold builds powerful, flexible, and customizable eCommerce solutions that make online stores more powerful on industry-leading platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.  Whether you are looking to increase sales, sell subscriptions, customize their checkout, or anything in between, Bold solutions work together to bring out their business’s full potential. We join the Bold Commerce Partner Program as an Agency Partner supporting... Read More on the Subject
As the holidays approach, that hopefully means one thing for you and your online business – increased website traffic! This year, more than ever, eCommerce will play a HUGE role in the way people shop and spend their money this holiday season. When an influx of people are visiting your site, the last thing you want to have to worry about are aspects such as web security or customer support. Ecommerce platform Volusion recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on... Read More on the Subject
The search feature on websites is a component that often gets overlooked in terms of its value. Websites such as Amazon, YouTube, Steam, eBay, and essentially all ecommerce websites rely heavily on a user’s ability to search for what they are looking for as opposed to sifting through multiple layers of a navigation menu and the subsequent unrefined results that are returned. As users, we are often drawn to the search input by instinct and don’t even think about how... Read More on the Subject
While learning about or working with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), it is quite common to hear the word “semantic”. You will hear things like: “You should always develop with semantic HTML in mind” “This div should be replaced with a semantic element.” But what does all that mean? Simply put, semantic HTML (also referred to as semantic markup) is HTML that provides meaning or context for an element rather than just presentation. Some of the major reasons why semantic HTML is so important are:... Read More on the Subject
The clock is ticking as Magento 1 creeps towards an end. Magento shared that their software support for this version of Magento will cease on July 1, 2020 which means several things for anyone still running on the platform. First and foremost, security bug fixes will no longer be rolled out. This is obviously a concerning issue since bugs in the code can be exploited by cyber criminals. In a recent blog we’ve discussed the importance of web security for your brand’s website. Typically, one of the main reasons updates come out in software is to combat against these types of security flaws. You don’t want to play around... Read More on the Subject