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All Posts  /  DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS  /  March 27, 2014 

The Value in Web Personalization

When you re-visit a website and the information on the site seems to fit your interests perfectly, do you ever wonder how a company is able to match those interests? Well, it is all because of web personalization. Web personalization is the process of providing targeted content and flexible web experiences based on the information a business has stored on each visitor.

Keeping site visitors compelled with relevant content pertaining to their searches, is one of the most valuable benefits of web personalization. Some marketers look to strategies such as A/B testing, to find out which version of a page converts best. Testing out colors, copy and images, companies look to gain a stronger knowledge of which content attracts the targeted audience better. Additionally, pulling information from page visit history to customize content and making websites self-learning, are a couple more ways companies can obtain the necessary data to deliver personalized experiences to their users.

For instance, in the healthcare industry, when an expecting mother researches a hospital’s website for important next step information and returns back to the site at a later date, having the maternity resources featured on the hospital’s homepage is an excellent use of web personalization. It will be mutually beneficial for the hospital and mother-to-be, because the tailored content will strengthen ROI, provide deeper engagement, encourage effective lead nurturing, while increasing loyalty and lifetime customer value. The expecting mother will appreciate the ease of finding her already searched information readily available, however it will help the hospital even further. This data gathered from the site visitor’s search can then be used for specific group email campaigns, advertisements, and other targeted marketing tactics.

In order to measure the success from these targeted campaigns, 70% of digital marketers judge the impact of personalization by conversion improvement. One content management system that has been able to differentiate themselves with their web personalization feature is EPiServer. As the need to strategically target potential customers continue to grow, EPiServer has developed a list of the top 14 principles for a successful personalization strategy:
  1. Start with clear goals and metrics
  2. Assemble the right team
  3. Use as few software systems as possible
  4. Make the workflow simple
  5. Start small
  6. Develop 'Personalization Personas'
  7. Use what you know about the visitors
  8. Map content to the purchase journey
  9. Plan your metrics for quick-starts and real-time
  10. Use search term data
  11. Link to community activity
  12. Look for intent indicators
  13. Personalize even before you have a profile
  14. Test everything
As an EPiServer Solution Partner, iMedia is able to assist your business with creating a results driven personalization strategy. Contact us today to get started! 
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