Kentico Hosting

Kentico Hosting

All Hosting Services Include:

  • Web and Database Server Monitoring & Application Support.
  • Kentico EMS application/Content management software updates.
  • All application/database/Kentico web software upgrades.
  • Performance tuning and site optimizations.
  • Data Cleanups / Purges / Archives on the web and database servers.
  • Database patching/tuning/archiving.
  • Maintaining all relevant documentation and diagrams.
  • Remediating any items related to security threats.
  • Repair of Kentico application bugs stemming from necessary security updates. 

Our Monitoring and Response Benefits:

Because we develop and work closely every day with Kentico and our hosting systems, we are able to customize our hosting to your exact needs with alerts that allow our team troubleshoot and fix potential problems quickly.

We guarantee two-hour response time through our on-site technical support. iMedia provides 24/7 monitoring service to all servers and our monitoring system will contact your server at the application layer for uptime availability every 3 minutes. Should your server become unreachable, our technicians will be automatically notified by email or SMS text to investigate the cause of the problem.

All customers are guaranteed 24-hour email response time. All customers are guaranteed 1-hour email response time for server outages.