Adobe acquires Magento... how does that impact the future of your ecommerce site?


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Did You Know?

The recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe is certainly disruptive for the SaaS based ecommerce space. Adobe offers enterprise class content management solutions that are powerful, but that come with a significant complexity in setting up and building.

We’ve seen a trend in the ecommerce space where Magento is also viewed as powerful, but costly to run, maintain and to setup. Those retailers who were previously considering a migration away from Magento may now have a few new reasons. Uncertainty and the potential for additional complexity.


The Value of BigCommerce

We continue to see the most value in Big Commerce as a SaaS based ecommerce platform that is lighting fast, and extremely easy to setup, scale and integrate into ANY platform. Some other benefits include:
  • Go to market 50% faster with industry leading BigCommerce. From contract to live in under 4 weeks.
  • Create a fully customized, responsive store that speaks to your customers and showcases your products for ¼ of the price of Magento. 
  • BigCommerce does not have hosting, server maintenance or equipment costs.
  • No installation or integration fees and no downtime with each upgrade, in comparison to on-premise Magento.
  • A true SaaS platform, delivering unlimited scalability, automatic upgrades and guaranteed PCI compliance.
  • Offers industry leading uptime, page load speed and site security.