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NJ Clean Energy Act
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iMedia is helping New Jersey Utilities understand and abide by the new NJ Energy Benchmarking standards through our digital benchmarking solution program.

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New Jersey Clean Energy Act

Owners or operators of commercial buildings over 25,000 square feet in New Jersey are required to benchmark energy and water use for the prior calendar year using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Portfolio Manager tool.

The first benchmarking submissions are due Oct. 1, 2023, for energy and water consumed in 2022.

NJ Utilities

What are the benchmarking requirements for utilities?

There are technical factors that utilities need to accomplish to successfully collect and deliver aggregate whole-building data to assist building owners subject to benchmarking requirements.

  • Understand the physical location of the property for which energy consumption data is requested
  • Identify all the meter/service points within that location
  • Confirm the accuracy and completeness of this meter list
  • Establish an association in the utility data system between the multiple “real-world” meter/service points and the “virtual” record being used to capture aggregate data
  • Maintain accurate meter-to-building mapping over time, to ensure that the aggregate consumption value reflects all the meters that track energy consumption during a given period
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