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We are proud to announce our latest achievement in the Kentico Community. Our team has obtained the Kentico Online Marketing Competency. The Kentico Partner Competencies are awarded to elite partners highlighting their expertise in specific types of web capabilities or techniques within Kentico. The Online Marketing Competency comes with several requirements that must be met before being considered. As a Kentico Gold Partner with numerous projects built on the Kentico EMS platform, iMedia was up for the challenge. Our team... Read More on the Subject
Last week’s Kentico Connections was full of exciting product enhancements, new releases, and networking. As a devoted EMS user I bounced between the marketing and hands-on tracks, and even had the opportunity to have impactful conversations with key members of the Kentico team. While our Kentico development expert, Laura Frese, has covered all things dev-related from Kentico Connection. Below, discover some of the key highlights from the Marketing sessions, along with interesting facts I learned in the hands-on workshops. Kentico 9... Read More on the Subject