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Redefining healthcare services by delivering distinctive digital experience

Eager to position themselves as digital pioneers, AdvantageCare Physicians (ACP), New York’s preferred healthcare destination, came to iMedia in search of a strong partner to bring their vision to reality.

Shelly Galvin, AVP, Digital Marketing, AdvantageCare Physicians

“As a leader in the healthcare industry, it was important for us to modernize the patient experience online. iMedia created a site that not only integrated with our complex systems, but designed a sophisticated site which has made it easier for users to quickly access information based on their needs.”

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The Challenge

ACP wanted to provide website visitors with the most innovative resources, focusing on the needs of their patients. What did an optimal online experience feel like for these users? Learning that about two-thirds of ACP’s website visitors browsed the site using their mobile devices was the critical piece we needed to create their desired online experience.

What We Did

Brand Identity

Created an interactive brand experience that captured the essence and promise of AdvantageCare Physicians, while supporting key personas, allowing users to easily search, discover and engage based on their needs.

Social Media Strategy

Integrating iMedia’s custom built Social Feed Integration tool, ACP now pulls all their social feeds into one hub, helping to expand their overall social reach.

Mobile Adaptations

The site was created to be fully responsive, providing a consistent experience regardless of a user’s device.

Experience Architecture

Optimized the user’s experience through a utility-based design, by creating a robust search functionality. We gave users the option to find a doctor based off multiple criteria, including: by specialty, insurance, and location.

Why ACPNY mobile
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The Results

The new ACP website gives patients the ability to engage within the ACP community and access rich content, while demonstrating ACP’s brand promise of convenient, connected and compassionate care. Just a few months after launching the new site, AdvantageCare Physicians has seen:

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increase in pageviews
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increase in doctor-locations pageviews
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