Susan G. Komen

Website REdesign

Inspiring users to the main source of breast cancer research

Susan G. Komen is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and ending breast cancer by funding groundbreaking research, community health, and global advocacy programs. Faced with visitors not finding the relevant information they needed, Komen sought for a way to best engage with the breast cancer community online.

Susan G. Komen

Tracy Mueller, Manager, Digital Marketing, Susan G. Komen

“Working with iMedia has been a dream partnership for Susan G. Komen. From discovery to post-launch activities, we have leaned on the iMedia team for extensive technical expertise and strategic business recommendations.”

The Challenge had not been redesigned since 2007 and therefore faced increasing challenges in high bounce rates (average >55%), complicated content consumption, and declining conversions to online donations. Besides a directly quantifiable impact, the challenges went beyond the broader implications of the overall brand perception.

What We Did

Susan G. Komen

Thoughtful Design

iMedia led the development of the new site with responsive design in mind, allowing for higher engagement for a wide range of visitors digesting content across all browsers and devices.

Strategic Architecture

The site architecture was designed with a strategic purpose to optimize call-to-action strategies that align with the specific user’s journey. These call-to-actions help users flow through the site seamlessly, obtaining the information needed, along with a simplified online conversion process for online donations.

Persona-Based Content

The new layout was designed to help visitors from all aspects of the breast cancer journey find relevant information efficiently. These target audiences consisted of survivors, supporters, caregivers, researchers, volunteers, and both current and potential donors.

Web Development

By leveraging Ektron 9.1, iMedia architected responsive templates and built custom widgets to facilitate the vast strategic and functional needs of the new

The Results

The new site launched just in time to help to support the increased traffic during Komen’s busiest time of year, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since launch, Komen has experienced:

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increase in site traffic
0 %
increase of mobile sessions
0 %
increase in online revenue
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