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Digital accessibility is often overlooked when it comes to creating an exceptional online shopping experience. But what was once viewed as a nice-to-have is now seen as mandatory – both from a customer and compliance perspective. An estimated 26% of U.S. adults identify as having a disability, whether blindness, hearing impairment, trouble lifting and grasping, cognitive issues, or other. Their unique needs impact whether they can engage with your online storefront. If your site or app isn’t designed with their... Read More on the Subject
As 2021 approaches, you and your business should begin to create a list of goals for the new year. What do you hope to accomplish? What can you improve upon from the previous year? One very attainable and undervalued goal that every business should set for themselves is making their website is more accessible. What does “making a website more accessible” mean? Simply put – it is making sure everyone can interact with and obtain the same information from a... Read More on the Subject