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Our solutions are based in logic, creating brand
value and are validated through results.

An effective digital strategy is understanding the problem and defining the best approach to solve each brand's specific needs. This is a crucial first step in the creative process. We work closely with our clients to gain the necessary insights to map a strategic framework.
Research & Audits
We develop a thorough analysis in order to understand the project, audience, and objectives to formulate a digital strategy. This is where we may unearth new ideas for improving the website’s usability and achieve its goals. With every project, we take an in-depth look at the operational details, business and technical requirements of the system, and its associated social ecosystem.
Concept Development
Before you commit budgets and resources to any strategy, there should be a solid understanding of the underlying logic and reasoning behind it. By creating a visual concept of our ideas, we develop a clearer plan for making decisions moving forward.
Project Planning
We know how important that launch date is to our clients. Therefore, we work with our clients to prioritize their expectations with every phase of the design, development, and testing process. This way each step moves the project closer to actualizing the desired solution.
Analytics & Metrics
All successful strategies are based on data. We analyze user behavior and preferences by gathering data from web, search and social channels.
Digital Brand Strategy
An effective digital brand strategy should take into consideration all the meaningful and productive ways users may interact with the brand. From our analysis, we create strategies that focus on where the business goals and user objectives meet.
Road Mapping
While strategies map out the big ideas in solving a challenge or meeting an opportunity, they often don’t address how and when those ideas will be rolled out. Creating a road map, a short and long plan, can help align efforts and ensure success releases.
The purpose of marketing is to attract attention, create interest and reinforce brand messaging. Through messaging, measurement, and platform maximization centered around your business goals we help to build engagement with your users. Our team is dedicated to increasing your brand awareness and conversions by enhancing your digital marketing strategy across all user touchpoints including social media.
Campaign Creation
Our team specializes in building successful marketing campaigns focused around your brand messaging and leveraging your audience to drive traffic and achieve your goals. We start by identifying which markets and platforms are the best for you to promote to. Then, we work with you to define your business goals, target audience, and strategy. Together we form a multi-platform plan to achieve those goals through a set of marketing initiatives led by content creation and variation to drive brand look, feel, and messaging.
Channel Strategy
We will work with you to create a multi-platform campaign that incorporates your goals, brand messaging, and audience behavior into one strategy optimizing each digital channel (i.e. email, website, landing pages, social platforms, banner ads). While the overall goal may be the same, each channel is unique and the messaging, content types and delivery style needs to be catered to each channel.
Engagement & Conversion
The higher the level of engagement is on your site and various digital and social platforms/user touchpoints, the higher the opportunity to increase your website’s conversion rate. We will work with you to define where you have the best chance to increase your conversion rate by growing and leveraging brand engagement.
Analytics & KPI Planning
The statistics on a website's traffic, traffic sources, conversion measurements and sales are vital for every company. We make the most of our client's Google Analytics accounts: offering training sessions, providing personalized training guides, creating customized dashboards, and monthly tracking. Additionally, we analyze your other platform traffic (i.e. social) to identify trends and proper use of each platform to shape the best user touchpoint strategy and maximize you impact on each platform to achieve your business goals.
Search is a great way to stay top of mind with your potential and current customers. Through a series of SEO tactics and SEM strategies such as remarketing ads for your Google Ad Word campaigns and other Ad networks- we track your search success with detailed monthly reporting. These findings will help to hone your ongoing brand strategy and positively impact future targeted ad spends and campaigns.
Paid & Earned
Paid media can promote and drive direct traffic but only as long as your budgets can sustain it. Earned or ‘Word of Mouth’ media is when visitors and consumers do the promoting through shares, reviews and recommendations. Our strategic marketing approach helps drive your brand lifestyle and encourages audience engagement. We influence and grow your earned media potential by maximizing your brand across your various digital touchpoints through strategic messaging, content variation planning, and ongoing measurement.
Creative thinking and collaborative discussions help create beautiful designs but more importantly designs that have purpose. We believe that mapping back to business objectives strengthens the concepts behind the layouts. We craft smart sites that deliver results.
Concepting & Ideation
Whether we’re refining an existing logo or constructing a new mark, our approach to brand identity is guided by the same analytical process and design principles. Our team creates an identity that tells our client’s story, establishes a memorable connection with their audience, and makes them stand out in their market.
User Experience (UX) Design
In order to maintain the aligned business goals, we pay special attention to the different paths of where and why users navigate throughout the site. Achieving successful user experience is one of the key drivers to web conversions.
Wireframes & Information Architecture
Site maps and interactive wireframes provide a blueprint by defining the structure, hierarchy and relationship of navigation, content and functionality.
Usability & User Testing
Both committing to the final build, usability is important in making any course corrections or adjustments. Testing can take many forms from in-person, moderator-lead focus groups to remote, self-guide assessments.
User Interface Design
This is where we define the user interfaces visual style. We begin by creating multiple high-level visual concepts demonstrated through key screens in the digital experience.
Responsive & Adaptive Design 
In order to provide an effective digital experience, having an adaptive layout and content is a must. We know that when a user’s device shifts so does the designs. A well-produced responsive design drives that connection between the content and the user’s experience on your website.
We view technology as a powerful enabler that supports user engagement, optimizes the brand experience and creates business efficiencies. There is no environment we cannot build and customize to ensure that the final product meets your company’s goals.
Interface Development
During the Interface or “front-end development” step, we will be creating the user facing components as defined by the user interface design, content and functional specifications.
Content Management Systems
iMedia is a Sitecore Implementation Partner, Kentico Gold & Hosting Partner, Episerver Solution Partner, and Ektron Elite Partner. We have completed well over 100 CMS implementations, and integrated with all types of third party applications including CRM systems, box office systems, ERP systems, membership management systems, streaming video and email marketing platforms.
It’s no longer sufficient to just sell your products online. As ecommerce evolves, the customer journey and omnichannel selling are becoming more and more crucial to a personalized ecommerce website. Our team works with the industry’s best platforms and tools to customize a shopping experience that seamlessly integrates all your fulfillment, taxation, sales and marketing touchpoints. We are Certified Elite BigCommerce Partners, and experienced in a number of other tools such as SellerActive and Avalara.
Database Design
There are many times our clients come to us with data that is critical to their business goals. It is our job to create, integrate, and transform this data from their custom internal databases or third party systems such as CRMs, legacy systems, and product databases to ensure that it will work seamlessly with the content management system their main site is built on.
Responsive Development 
Having a site display on multiple size screens and devices is a must have. We take a holistic approach to responsive design, making sure that it's displayed appropriately for each device while being easily maintained.
Testing & Optimization
We easily test, measure and modify content to increase conversions. Working closely with our clients: we set up a budget, actively track, analyze traffic and re-assess the pay-per-click (PPC) commitments- which attracts more qualified visitors, creating opportunities to turn them into customers which translates into increased return on investment (ROI).
Maintenance & Hosting
We don't leave our clients stranded after a site has been built. Our team is trained to listen to our client's requests with the same attention to detail, technical expertise, and usability principles that are received during development. We aim high to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.
Our hosting environment is fast, reliable and secure. We offer various types of hosting packages to fit your needs.
Social Media  
Today’s web users associate social media with open communications and transparency. As a result, how well an organization uses (or doesn’t use) social media can strongly influence the user’s perception of that organization’s brand integrity. We see social media as a powerful brand ambassador tool that can influence, engage, acquire and retain customers.
Social Platform Integration
Social media integration is the syncing of all social media profiles on various social platforms and aligning their functionality with your company’s website. Integrating your social platforms with your website can benefit your company’s marketing, branding, and SEO efforts.
Social Brand Voice
How do you want your customers to perceive you? Your brand’s voice is the personality and style you will project in your posts. We can help you create and form the voice that will bring your company to life.
Channel Campaigns
Each social site is known to generate various kinds of content. Some might be more image heavy, while others are centered on text based articles. Understanding which platform is more optimal for a particular promotion or contest is key to achieving a higher engagement with your brand.
Social Strategy
After your company’s website, the next place customers will go to learn more and interact with your brand, is on social media. Using your brand’s voice to set the tone, it is important to build a consistent message between all channels.
Optimization Programs
Location is everything - and it’s also true online. We help our clients get noticed. From promoting your page on Facebook to setting up LinkedIn Ads, we can ensure your brand will reach a wider market to gain a new set of qualified leads.
Content Development
Figuring out when to post, and how to put all your thoughts into 140 characters can be difficult at times. Our team will advise you on the best ways to manage and create content that is inspiring and engaging to your followers.

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