Developing content-rich systems for global leader in luxury sleep technology

DUXIANA USA, the leading manufacturer of luxury sleep systems, was in need of a site that was easy to use and maintain and had the ability to be personalized for various user personas.


“A week after launching, we recorded the single highest day of web traffic we have experienced in over two years with a spike in every market across the country."


The Challenge

The solution was built through a team formed between New York design agency, Rosebrook Peters Funaro and New Jersey based interactive agency, iMedia. With RPF in charge of the marketing strategy and design, and iMedia handling the technical implementation and integration, results were a great leap forward for the DUX brand.

What We Did

Web Development

Using Episerver’s content categorization and block technology, editors are able to have pages automatically display fresh, relevant content about products augmented by meaningful health and well-being materials.


BigCommerce’s SaaS platform allowed for extensive flexibility to tailor the Duxiana e-store purchase experience as the sleep systems are highly customizable and needed the ability to integrated with the CMS.

Personalized Experience

Using personalization techniques, the site can learn what content is most relevant and will present that content to the visitor more often and in dynamic sections, increasing the conversion rates.

Customized Technology

Using BigCommerce’s extendable technology, iMedia built a product configurator, where you pick your mattress size, leg type and leg finish / color. Unique messages are set to alert the user when the business rules are not properly met during the bed build process.

Strategic Integrations

BigCommerce allowed for a seamless SSO integration with Episerver as well as Salesforce and the fulfillment integration with Microsoft Navision.

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The Results

Since the launching of the new DUXIANA site, there have been some impressive site traffic improvements. Over 300 people have contacted DUXIANA and signed up for their newsletter, magazine, event notifications, and/or Owner’s Club announcements with every store in the country equally represented. The click-through rates for DUXIANA’s digital, re-targeting, and AdWords campaigns have dramatically increased as well.

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