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Building brand empowering Site for leader of affordable housing & community developments

As a leading organization for affordable housing and community development, NeighborWorks sought to redesign their website to provide stronger brand awareness, create engagement, and build brand loyalty while still articulating their mission and purpose.


Carlos Alcala, Chief Creative Officer, iMedia inc.

“We are honored to work with an organization such as NeighborWorks. It was important to us that the website projected their brand and powerful mission in a way that would inspire others.”

The Challenge

In a time where site visitors are frequently searching from a smartphone, NeighborWorks needed a design layout which would support the brand and site across all devices. Keeping this in mind, we created an interactive design and developed it in a way that visitors would be able to quickly find the necessary information and gain additional knowledge on the NeighborWorks brand.

What We Did


Thoughtful Design

The new design strategy not only improved the user experience, but it also helped to further highlight the importance of NeighborWorks America’s mission.

Web Development

The customizable capabilities within Kentico CMS helped iMedia to create easy-to-navigate menus and an updated “Where We Work” map to be more interactive for users.

Mobile Adaptations

It was essential to build the site so the design would adapt to fit each screen size- giving every visitor a similar experience across all device types.

ADA Compliance

Working with the Bureau of Internet Accessibility assured that the site would be compliant with ADA requirements.

The Results

The improved user experience gave visitors a clearer understanding of why NeighborWorks is a key player in their industry. A month after launching, NeighborWorks saw:

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increase in traffic
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