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iMedia’s Favorite EMS Features

While Kentico has received a great deal of accolades for their robust content management system, many people are just learning of the powerful online marketing platform built right into Kentico EMS.

When upgrading to Kentico EMS, customers gain access to their Online Marketing Solution that fully integrates with the CMS. Helping marketers to create a holistic experience within one work-area. With this tool you are able to produce strategic marketing automation campaigns, send personalized emails, manage and analyze all your contacts site behaviors, and much more. Four of our favorite features are:

Marketing Automation
Marketers have realized that there is a need to push more specific content out to their users.  Based on a visitor’s interaction with your website, Kentico’s marketing automation allows you to tailor the content and engagement a user will have with your brand.

Kentico’s marketing automation can fully integrate with all of the other solutions the EMS offers. It is a great way to connect all the pieces of the puzzle together to create a seamless customer sales funnel. Marketing automation is a great tool to use when building workflows for:

  • Automatically sending an welcome email after a user subscribes to your newsletter
  • Weekly informational e-blasts that remind customers of your latest promotions
  • Cart abandonment reminder emails
  • Monthly newsletters to blog subscribers
  • Webinar/event registration, confirmation and reminder workflows

For more information on Kentico’s marketing automation and how our clients have benefited, click here.

Integrated Campaign Management
The latest EMS update that has quickly become a favorite feature of ours, is the Integrated Campaign Management.

Kentico’s campaign management allows users to build a multi-channel marketing campaign all within one work area.  There is no need to integrate any third party systems, or even leave the campaign management module at all. Users are able to execute all of the following right in the one location:

  • Create a campaign
  • Set-up conversions, tracking codes, and UTM parameters
  • Create and update campaign page content
  • Build and launch the campaign’s emails
  • Construct custom campaign funnels
  • View detailed reporting to gain insight on each channel’s success

Email Marketing
Previously known as the Newsletter feature, Kentico has done a full revamp to create a more powerful Email Marketing offering. The module now allows marketers to gain a better understanding of how their emails are performing and what links people are engaging most with.

Utilize the newsletter work area to automatically send dynamic emails to multiple contacts via the scheduling tool. You can also enable A/B testing to compare how different content variables connect with your audience. Using this data and the detailed email reporting, marketers will be better equipped to maximize the performance of future email campaigns.

Contact Management
Gain a detailed understanding of your visitors and how they interact with your website. Capture their behaviors to start personalizing the user’s experience with your brand.  Using the recorded data marketers are able to set up personas and automation flows to segment the users based on their interests.

Kentico’s Contact Management allows you to track and nurture every lead, both anonymous and contacts you create. For larger lists, use the contact import toolkit right within the module to bulk import contact groups efficiently. You are also able to form lists based off the recorded activities data via a macro condition segmentation model. This becomes incredibly useful when building digital marketing campaigns and email blasts.

If you are currently using Kentico, but have yet to upgrade to the EMS, it’s time to strongly consider it. The powerful tool allows you to gain a better understanding of what your users want and how to give it to them. Which means a quicker way to make your customers happy while increasing your revenue.