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Kentico Heads into the Cloud

Kentico has officially gone to the cloud! Since 2014, Kentico has worked to create the next generation of their content management system offerings to provide an impressive solution for both clients and digital agencies alike.

Kentico Cloud logo
Kentico Cloud supports projects of all sizes and various technology stacks. With monthly pricing, you can begin by paying for what you need, with the ability to increase your plan as your business and digital needs continue to grow. There are three solutions that make up Kentico’s cloud-first headless CMS. These are Kentico Draft, Deliver and Engage.

Kentico Draft
Develop, manage, and structure your website’s content all within one area with Kentico Draft. Besides managing the content production, users can define responsibilities for all employees assigned to a project.

Keep all the content organized before it is published with Kentico’s sitemap and workflow design tools. Build the content structure out to replicate your site’s future template layouts. Once it is ready to go live automatically import all created content into any CMS.

Kentico Deliver
Focus on building content that will publish seamlessly on any channel through Kentico Cloud’s API. With Kentico Deliver your editors can save time by inputting all their content into the same place regardless of where it will be published later. Use your favorite applications, tools and coding language to create the website or mobile app you’ve always desired.

Kentico Engage
Kentico Engage allows you to swiftly collect comprehensive user behavior data and contact details based on a visitor’s activity with your website. Create targeted campaigns with this information and build user group personas to generate specific content for these users.

Looking for more information on the Kentico Cloud suite? Contact us today to learn more about what the cloud has to offer. Our resident Kentico MVP and professional skydiver, Laura Frese, is ready to answer all your Kentico Cloud questions while in the clouds.
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