Development Tips

Prevent HTML Encoding of Greek Characters

On a recent multisite project that included pages translated to Greek, one of our developers discovered that the Greek characters like α were being HTML encoded to α. In this blog post, I will show you how to modify the CKEditor configuration to prevent encoding of Greek characters.

A quick google search indicated that this is a common issue with CKEditor. Back in 2011, this issue was posted on the Kentico Question & Answer boards and the fix was to modify the  ~\CMSAdminControls\FCKeditor\fckconfig.js file. However, things have changed since then and the line FCKConfig.IncludeGreekEntities = false; no longer exists.

In order to fix this issue in Kentico 8, 9, and 10, you need to open the file ~/CMS/CMSAdminControls/CKEditor/config.js and the following line at approximately line 11:

config.entities_greek = false;

Once you add the line, be sure you clear your cache before trying to see the fix! If that doesnt work then I also like to try viewing the page in incognito mode in Chrome or viewing it in a different browser.