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As an early adopter within the Kentico Cloud Partner Program, our team was looking forward to the opportunity to build our first project using Kentico’s newest platform. The goal was to create an engaging site, where we could take our learnings and provide clients with the optimal advice as they determine which platform to build their site on.

We are proud to announce that iMedia officially re-launched on Kentico Cloud. Surprisingly, was part of another cloud-first moment, as it was the first Kentico Cloud site launched within North America. is a sure fit for Kentico Cloud’s features and capabilities. The headless CMS supported our need to host content more efficiently. Developers can take an existing MVC application and integrate it with the Kentico Cloud technology. This helps to build out a completely dynamic site that can constantly be updated and reviewed by multiple team members.

Together iMedia and Kentico provide clients with an impressive cloud solution to build out content on any channel or device. Contact us today to learn more!