Bronto’s End of Life: What Does it Mean?

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As you may already be aware, Bronto, the Oracle owned cloud-based commerce email and marketing automation platform has notified its customers of its ‘End of Life’ recently. The company will be sunsetting the platform on May 31, 2022 and will no longer continue selling or making any improvements to the email marketing tool.

In the statement sent to customers currently on the platform, Bronto alerted users of the upcoming end-of-life and how it would impact their current instance of the software. Users may continue to use Bronto and its many features until the end of the last date of service (May 31, 2022).

If you are a current Bronto customer, now is the time to start researching which email marketing solutions are available to scale with your business as it continues to grow in both sales and digital maturity. For brands within the ecommerce space looking for seamless migration on an easier to use platform- Klaviyo is a great solution for you!

Klaviyo is an all-in-one email and SMS marketing and automation platform for eCommerce merchants in need of an enterprise level solution that is not only incredibly powerful, but also quick to market. Their ecommerce industry focused platform specializes in

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS
  • Marketing Automation Flows
  • Contact Management
  • Dynamic Coupons
  • Signup Forms
  • Syncing with Facebook Audiences
  • And much more.

As soon as you sign up with Klaviyo, your team has access to all their features and customer support, compared to Bronto which requires you to buy into a customized contract with additional add-ons. Klaviyo has found the biggest challenge that causes customers to move from Bronto to Klaviyo is the “need for a tool that’s easier to set up, easier to use and offers better ROI.”

As a Klaviyo Solution Partner we are quite fond of their flexible API allowing for custom integrations. While Klaviyo integrates into all the top ecommerce platforms and has a number of one-click plugins, should your site have any unique or specific requirements their flexible API makes integrating into their system possible. If you are interested in learning more about a migration plan from Bronto to Klaviyo, contact our team today.

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