Composable architecture is the future, here’s why.

Hone your message, amplify how it is delivered through composable architecture.  Freeing your content from its delivery platform makes it reusable and allows marketers to improve cross channel messaging, much faster. 

Composable architecture is a scalable framework where APIs provide content to your application, delivered through the cloud.  It separates your code from your content entirely, allowing you to leverage content across multiple delivery channels, web, social, digital signage etc.  Composable architecture provides a modern, flexible, scalable alternative to monolithic digital experience architectures which couple delivery of content to creation of content.

This type of software design allows you to redesign websites in future years much faster, while your message remains the same.  You can deploy content through more channels faster, with the same editorial process.  Your brand’s content can live outside of the realm of just the website.  You can roll out changes and features to your digital channels much faster and lower dramatically lower your hosting costs while greatly increasing the speed of your websites.


Monolithic means large and rigid and uniform.  In the world of content management systems, monolithic platforms mandate you take both sides of the coin, the editing side, and the delivery side.  For instance, a .NET CMS means that you have to build your website in a .net and if you want to change platforms in the future, it’s a big cost and effort.  Tightly coupling your presentation technology with your CMS adds constraints to your brand that may lead to a reduction in your messaging ability because your technology is holding you back. 

Decoupling your content and authoring experience from how you deliver it and where you deliver it, changes the game and can set your brand apart.


Follow these questions to evaluate your current stack.

  1. What % of my CMS stack am I actually using?  Typically, the answer is around 5%.
  2. Will a redesign of my website take 10 – 12 months?
  3. Does my brand redesign its website every 3 years on average?
  4. Is my brand locked into a website technology because of licensing?


iMedia can help your brand evaluate the changing landscape.  We are CMS experts and are truly platform agnostic.  There are many reasons to move to a composable architecture, but it may not be right for all brands.  We’re happy to have a conversation and offer our advice.  Contact us for a consultation.  

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