iMedia Announces New Partnership with ai12z

As AI continues to become more and more prevalent within the digital landscape, it is our goal to partner with the best platforms in the space so that our clients can provide their customers with the best experience possible. Therefore, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with ai12z.

ai12z is a platform that combines large language models with your organization’s content so you can create and manage AI-powered chatbots, search, and copilot digital assistants to answer your prospects and customers questions and help them complete tasks.

iMedia’s Partner of Development Services, Joel Macaluso shares “Many of our clients are looking for ways to improve the site visitor experience through self–service methods while reducing dependency on heavily engaged customer service actions.  ai12z’s platform has been well received thus far and we are excited about helping introduce it to even more companies.”

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Whether you are a marketer looking to increase your website’s conversions, head of sales or customer success in search of efficient ways to provide customer support, or a technical team member wanting to strategically implement AI – using ai12z’s AI-powered chatbots and digital assistants can be applied to do just that.

The tool provides:

  • Chatbots powered by generative AI to answer questions – whether that’s questions from your website visitors on your products and services or questions your internal employees may have on your company, teams, and policies.
  • Advanced digital assistants called copilots – to help your users along their journey such as providing them with personalized product recommendations and assisting them in completing tasks like making a purchase, or even optimizing your team’s workflows.
  • Enhanced AI-powered search – which dives deep into the context of user queries and responds in detailed summaries.

Beyond the benefits for your customers, there is also an excellent use case for your employees. Setting up copilots to be your resourceful HR, IT, or Sales assistants allows your team to go from spending hours troubleshooting, answering questions, etc. to finally being able to spend more time on strategy and new projects.

Whether used for customers or employees, integrating ai12z allows for 24/7 support regardless of your organization’s hours of operation. By having a digital assistant, brands can rest assured that any inquiries received can be quickly and seamlessly answered and can move their visitors further along in their customer journey.

“Brands work with iMedia to go live with best-in-class digital experiences. They’re now asking them how they can incorporate AI into these experiences,” said Rob Yelle, Global Client and Partner Enablement Director at ai12z. “We’re excited to be partnering with iMedia who has extensive experience understanding their clients’ needs and taking them to the next level in their digital journey to further improve the customer experience.”

We look forward to creating innovative ways to incorporate ai12z to help optimize the client site experience. For more information or to get some of the technical details around the product, contact our team today.

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