Looking Back on 2014 and Predicting 2015

In preparing for our 2015 Technology Prediction Contest, we took a look back at some of the largest moments for iMedia this year. What do you think 2015 will bring? 

As we begin the New Year, here at iMedia we like to look back at some of our company accomplishments from 2014. From the number of awards won, to hours in maintenance requests- we captured it all. Below is a short video reviewing our highlights from 2014.

2014 Year in Review

Now that 2015 is in full swing, we are back with our 3rd Annual Technology Prediction Contest. We are polling our followers on what they believe will occur in the “tech world” this year. While some of the responses last year, might have been a bit far-fetched, there were some that proved to be spot on with the 2014 technology trends. For example:

  • “I think we are going to see more affordable 3D printers this year and that’s going to really make a big difference!”
  • “Internet security will be increasingly important for companies to prove, but breaches won’t stop users from putting it all out there.”
  • “Wearable technology – An increase in device types beyond smartphones.

While one participant speculated that smartphones would decrease in size, saying “Because I just bought a huge Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and have a tendency to act directly opposite to trends, I predict that cell phone technology will begin to make them smaller again.” However, as we have seen with the release of phones including the iPhone 6+, cellphone technology went larger. How will it change in 2015?

We are ready to make 2015 a year to remember! After our recap of some of the biggest social media, advertising, technology, marketing, and video messaging moments in 2014, what do you believe will happen this year?

For example; do you believe Instagram will continue to top Twitter in users, or will a new social network gain popularity? Another option is to share with us your expectation for wearable technology. 2014 was the year of wearables, as Fitbit and Apple Watch made headlines with their innovative features.

Once you have submitted your prediction, you will be entered to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card! Click here or the button below to participate in the contest. Good Luck!

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