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Revolutionize the customer’s experience with your brand through iMedia’s social wall platform,

Have you sat in a meeting with your web and marketing teams, and wondered:

  • How can we incorporate our social channels and followers into our brand story?
  • Is there a platform where all our social channels can be managed, tracked, and designed according our brand guidelines?
  • At our next conference, how can we engage with our users in a fun and interactive way?
  • Is there a way to add custom content to a social wall platform?

If so, our social wall platform,,  is the answer for you. allows you to connect your brand’s social feeds and your audience’s social content into one place, and use it anywhere. Whether you want to dedicate a section of your site, or have a TV display at your next conference- our social hub can be styled and built to fit your needs.

Some of the features that make so unique include:

  • The ability to be built into any CMS platform
  • Aligning with your brand’s guidenlines and styling
  • Customizable content creation and app integration
  • Gamification feature to increase engagement
  • Tailored to fit all industries and verticals
  • Administrative capabilities to screen posts

Houston Grand Opera website

Companies such as Houston Grand Opera and Digital Summit Series have seen enormous success using our social wall platform to connect with a wider audience than ever before.

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