January 18, 2016 UX Best Practices

Everyone Scrolls

By: Jessica Lago
The evidence shows that scrolling is just as natural as clicking. Should important information be at the top? Yes. Should all the information be at the top? No.
A few years ago designers and marketing analysts would say “everything must be above the fold.” However due to smartphones, never-ending social media newsfeeds, and web strategies such as parallax and infinite scrolling- this is no longer the case. Users have become accustomed to scrolling.
As one of the more controversial UX best practices, scrolling provides a seamless flow for a user’s experience with your site.  So how do you make sure your visitors see all the information you are providing?
  • Analyze your target audience using heat map tools such as Hotjar or Crazy Egg to see how your visitors are interacting with your site
  • Use this data to update your site’s structure when building longer formed pages
  • Create a clear content hierarchy for easy scannability
  • Aim to make this content useful and engaging- intrigue visitors to scroll to the bottom of your page
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