Kentico’s Newest MVP – iMedia’s Laura Frese

We are extremely proud to share that, Laura Frese, iMedia's resident Kentico expert has officially been named a Kentico MVP! Congratulations, Laura!

We are extremely proud to share that Laura Frese, iMedia’s resident Kentico expert, has officially been named a Kentico MVP! Congratulations, Laura!

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Laura Frese is a passionate .NET developer and Kentico enthusiast here at iMedia. She quickly fell in love with Kentico after discovering its ease of use and reliability compared to other content management systems. As an active member of the Kentico DevNet community, Laura enjoys developing web parts and helping other developers gain a better understanding of the best way to utilize Kentico’s features. Laura is also a scuba diver, pilot, and experienced skydiver with over 200 jumps.

Can you provide the readers with some background on your experience with Kentico?
I started working with Version 6 of Kentico and fell in love with how intuitively everything is put together, from the database structure to the UI, the Kentico engineers put a lot of thought into developing a CMS that is both easy to use and customizable. Typically with other CMS’s you only get one of those features.

How does it feel to officially be named a Kentico MVP?
It feels great to be part of a group of very intelligent people who are equally as enthusiastic about what an amazing product Kentico is. I am very humbled and plan to use my new found super powers as an MVP to do everything I can to further promote Kentico as the top content management system in the world.

What are you looking forward to most now that you are part of the program?
As an MVP I get to test new features before they are made available to the public. I am very excited to see what Kentico comes out with next, and honored to be one of the developers that gets to provide feedback and recommendations. I am also looking forward to getting to know the other MVP’s better. Bryan has put together a great team of Kentico enthusiasts who are very passionate and knowledgeable in diverse areas.

What is your favorite feature within Kentico?
I don’t really have one favorite feature; the conglomeration of useful out-of-the-box features is one of the things that makes Kentico so great. I am a big fan of the ability to recover deleted pages and objects via the recycle bin, the ability to create reports using the reporting application, and Kentico’s macro engine.

Kentico has really thorough documentation and API examples which makes customization a breeze. Kentico’s UI is very intuitive and setting up a site with multiple features including blog posts, news articles, etc. can all be done through the user interface.

As an experienced skydiver, would you say there are any similarities between being a Kentico MVP and skydiving?
Both require persistence, initiative, and perpetual learning. It’s also important to share knowledge and experience in both, skydiving so that people can enjoy it more and fly safer, and Kentico so that people can take advantage of everything it has to offer and see its full potential. Both are a lot of fun!

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