Meet SeatMe™, the first 3D SYOS for Tessitura

iMedia is excited to announce its most recent product for the Tessitura based, performing arts institutions- SeatMe™.

SeatMe™ is the first 3D select-your-own-seat application for Tessitura clients. The product delivers a stunning virtual seat shopping experience helping clients within the performing arts sector yield higher ticket sales through more informed customer decision-making.

SeatMe™ allows patrons to not only get a static view from a seat before making the purchase, but also physically look around the theatre in a 3D virtual reality setting. Now, patrons can see what it feels like to be in prime location seats, they see how obstructed view seats either do or do not affect their experience allowing them to make informed choices. They can see distances to exists, stairs, and explore the facility for whatever needs they may have.

We partnered with 3D Digital Venue, a pioneer in virtual seating in the stadium, sports, concert arena, and arts and culture sectors, to build this application.

The SeatMe™ seat selection process provides 3 distinct benefits for performing arts organizations: immersive patron experience, less empty seats, and higher order value. The immersive patron experience gives patrons the opportunity to interact with the 360 degree 3D rendering, panoramic view from every seat in the house. Whether you are looking to see how close you are to the exits, where the aisles are, how obstructed are the obstructed view tickets, or questioning the level of restrictiveness for the restricted leg room seats, SeatMe™ allows ticket buyers to make the seat choice that’s right for them. This experience inspires and excites the buyer for the upcoming performance— breaking down potential barriers and justifying high-cost seats—and leads to higher order volume and less empty seats.

“Ticket buyers feel like they are in the theater. They can see the stage from any seat, and virtually look around to see the aisles, the stairs, to practically feel the fabric on the seat,” says Brian McGovern, partner and performing arts practice lead at iMedia.

See our latest implementation of SeatMe™ at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, an acclaimed arts institution in Orange County, California. As part of its newly launched brand and website, SeatMe™ helps attract audiences and engage its community with artistic and educational programming.

Features and benefits of SeatMe™ include:

  • Gorgeous, realistic representations of the venue
  • Interactive 360-degree 3D rendering for a panoramic view from every seat in the house
  • Custom seat messaging by type or zone for ADA compliance or any other reason
  • Fully responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Highly customizable integration for ticket pricing, subscriptions, choose your own, promotion codes, and more with Tessitura API or TNEW

SeatMe™ is now available. For more information or to request a demo, visit

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